Why Jesus?


We believe that God reaches out to all people regardless of background, age, sex, colour or culture. Since God has made the people of the world so diverse, His church must also be. We believe God is gathering a generation of people to worship Him and honour Him in their own language and in their own style. Jesus is able to meet people right where they are and relate to them regardless of what they think of Him.

Most people think of the church today as a place that just wants their money, wants to make them feel guilty about the life they lead, and is boring and irrelevant.

We strive to be different. We want to be a community that welcomes others to come and seek God, regardless of their past experiences with Jesus or the Church. We believe that Jesus is as relevant and important now as he was 2000 years ago. We know him to be gentle, kind and approachable. We hope to be the same.