Planet Kids

Here at Rayleigh Vineyard, one of our most important areas is our Children's Ministry, which we call Planet Kids.  We have a team of gifted and dedicated people (who are all required to complete a CRB form) who work with our children of all ages, both on Sundays, at events and groups during the week.

On a Sunday morning, children are signed in to their appropriate age group as the main service starts (approx. 10.45am) and are then required to be signed out by the same signatory at the end of the service (approx. 12.10pm).


Planet Kids is divided into 4 age groups, which are explained below:-



Our youngest age group aimed at young babies, through to two year olds.  This age group has a designated area set up on a Sunday morning with lots of toys; aimed to create a fun, colourful and safe environment.  The Shooting Stars area is based right in the main meeting area, (including a baby changing and baby feeding zone) allowing parents who are in the Shooting Stars group, to hear the service and feel part of it, whilst knowing their little ones are also having fun. 



This age group is for our 2-5 year olds and is rooted firmly in having fun.  On a Sunday morning, the children in this age group will look at a simple story from the Bible, followed by a craft activity, a time for games and a snack.  The children are able to take home a whole range of craft items and activity sheets that they have received during the morning, to help them remember what they have learnt during the morning's session.

Rockets is headed up by Ros Dennison.


This age group is for the 5-11 year olds (primary school) and follows a similar format to the Rockets of games, Bible stories, craft activities, snacks and fun.  In theAsteroids group, the children have plenty of time to have fun, as well as build friendships and begin to explore and understand what it means to be a Christian.

Asteroids is headed up by Andy McClintock.


Planet Kids at Rayleigh Vineyard is headed up by Susie McClintock.


Honour and enjoy your creator while you're still young - Ecclesiastes 12



Parties and Children's Events

Since the church began in 2003, we have regularly organised parties and events aimed at children and families.  These have included Christmas parties, fancy dress parties, teddy bears picnic, Easter egg hunts, Sports party, Science museum trip, Winter Wonderland trip, to name but a few...


Children's Pastor

Planet Kids is headed up by our Children's Pastor, Susie McClintock, who is both a mother of two and an experienced primary teacher.  She works closely with the age group leaders to provide the very best for all the children who visit and attend Rayleigh Vineyard.


Children's Safety

It is essential at Rayleigh Vineyard that all of the children who attend are safe and are seen to be safe.

All of the volunteers who serve in the children's ministry are required to complete a CRB form and we have a detailed Child Protection Policy, with the named person in charge of Child Protection being Laura Smith.

If you would like a copy of our Child Protection Policy or have any further questions regarding our children's and youth ministry, please do not hesistate to contact the church office.