Pemba Children's Centre

Pemba Children’s Centre in Mozambique is home to over 140 children aged between 5 and 14. Although Pemba Children’s Centre was set up and run by Iris Ministries, , it is almost entirely reliant on donations for food, clothes, medical needs, toys, school fees and building maintenance.

An easy way to donate is by clicking here

Ruth Donaldson, a lady who is well-known to many at Rayleigh Vineyard because she attended Southend Vineyard, is House Mother to over 70 boys at Pemba.  Her letters back to us about the hardships experienced by the children in her care, together with the joy her letters contain has inspired many of us to decide 2013 is the year we at Rayleigh Vineyard should stand with Ruth and the children at Pemba. We have decided that in 2013 we would like to raise over £1,000 to send to the Pemba Children’s Centre and we have chosen a number of ways to do this, which we hope means everyone can join in. 


ruth and boys group (3)