What is GLO?GLO

GLO (Girls Living Out) is our popular girls youth outreach group, headed up by Faye Porter, through the guidance and support of Rayleigh Vineyard.


Here is some of Faye's story & Vision...

Having found my early teens a tough time, it is now my passion to work and spend time with girls, helping them get through whatever they face and to help them see themselves as the brilliant people they actually are, despite what other people may have told, are telling and will tell them. A lot of girls are suffering in silence; I am desperate to break this! There is nothing better than seeing a young girl develop confidence in who she is and it is a massive privilege to be a part of that!

A laid back get together for senior school girls hosted in Utopia on Southend High Street. Every girl gets one of their amazing milkshakes for free and can then come upstairs to relax with games, art, manicures, gifts and lots of laughs. This is a very relaxed and safe environment and we have had nothing but lovely memories from the past 6 years that we have been running these events. We have seen so many new friendships come together through these events, we love it!

For any girls who have an interest in photography, whether they have a professional camera or just use their phones, this group is perfect for them. Regular trips to interesting, beautiful and weird places to snap away to their hearts content. Photography competitions with prizes that really challenge the girls’ creativity. Sessions with photography professionals on various aspects of photography to help broaden the girls knowledge and understanding of the art.

This is one for all the girls who have made it through their GCSEs and beyond! Every other month we get together for a catch up with a film, take away and lots of chocolate. It’s a great opportunity to meet other students and girls their age whilst relaxing and letting off steam.

How you can help?

1 – Feedback - I am very keen to hear what people think and maybe you even have some ideas to add to this, we’d really like to hear them!
2 – Prayer – If you pray it would be brilliant if you could add GLO to your prayers.
3 – Pennies – Everything we do is funded through the giving of others. Every little helps to make these projects happen.

 fearfully and wonderfully made

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